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Bringing the placenta back into post-birth
healing by nourishing new mothers from the
inside out.

SimplyBirth Placenta Encapsulation Services


If you live within 20 miles of Milton Keynes I am happy to visit you at home to discuss the placenta encapsulation procedure with you before the birth, otherwise I'm available by phone On your enquiry I will email you an information pack and booking form.

My aim is to collect your placenta from your home, chosen hospital, birthing centre within 24 hours of the birth. Your placenta will then be made into easy to swallow capsules and then sent via special delivery or delivered by hand back to your home address or hospital (should you need to stay in) if you live locally within 48 hours. On average a placenta will yield between 100 and 160 capsules.

I encapsulate placenta capsules using the Traditional Chinese Method.

I will also make a heart shaped keepsake from the umbilical cord whenever possible, if not I shall coil the cord, this will come presented in a pouch.

Purely-Placenta Encapsulation Packages
Placenta Encapsulation Capsules (TCM Only)
Capsules + Homeopathic Remedy
Capsules + Mother Essence
Capsules + Tincture
Capsules + Balms
The Complete Package - all the above
Or any of the above combinations are available - prices on request
Full information about these are available on the IPEN website:-

Purley-Placenta provides a placenta encapsulation service for
Homes Births, Birthing Centre's and Hospitals in the Heart of England
covering:- Milton Keynes, North Bucks, Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire,
East & North Oxfordshire



DISCLAIMER :- Any advice or information provided by IPEN regarding Placenta encapsulation is based on experience, research, documentationand client testimonials from mothers who've used placenta capsules for their post-natal recovery. IPEN is not a medical body and does not claim to treat, cure or relieve any symptoms in pregnancy, birth or post-birth. IPEN always advises you seek advice from your GP or midwife. if you have any problems with your pregnancy, birth or post-birth recovery. Families who choose to make use of the services offered by this web site take full responsibility for their own health and 0for researching and using the remedies provided by this service.