Bringing the placenta back into post-birth
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Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials


I was so glad that I opted to try placenta encapsulation for my third birth. After having a planned home water birth my placenta was collected the morning of the birth and the capsules returned to me 2 days after. Julie was friendly and professional and made me feel at ease with the process, advising me on what I needed to do following the birth of the placenta for best results with the capsules. I found taking the capsules every day for 6 weeks post-partum very helpful. I even experienced that slightly euphoric feeling that you get after giving birth every single day for the 6 weeks I took them. Having been through childbirth twice previously, and having very positive experiences both times, I would still recommend doing this as third time round I felt the best mentally. I also felt much better physically and mentally when my milk came in and my breasts were not as tender as previous times. Milk production also seemed increased as I had had trouble in this area before - all things that can add to making you feel a bit low after giving birth. I felt less tired and had much more energy which I found the most helpful especially when I had a newborn and two toddlers to look after, friends commented on how calm I was. I still take them occasionally now as a pick me up if I feel tired or low and they seem to do the trick for me. I am looking forward to seeing how/if they help me during the menopause as this is what I initially wanted them for. After all the benefits I've experienced so far I can't believe we aren't encouraged more to consume our placenta after birth. Placenta encapsulation was the perfect way for me as I'm not so sure I would be able to face consuming it any other way and the benefits have been amazing. Would definitely recommend ladies !
:- Carol (third time mum) Oxford

I have recommended you to a few people, and one I believe has booked with you! I swear that the pills helped me to avoid baby blues and PND which I was at an increased risk of getting due to previous history of depression. I am also certain they all helped with my milk supply noticed that my milk came in pretty quick, and a lot of it!!! - that was on the Sunday and she was born on the Friday! although there is no way I could tell for definite! Thank you for all of your help and for the encapsulation!! If I ever had another baby I would most certainly do it again!!!
:- Cheryl Bedford

The placenta is such an interesting and intriguing organ isn't it, the tablets are amazing. Having the comparison from two previous births I have a ton of milk, I'm like a dairy cow and have a freezer full of extra already ! I had no low mood when my milk came in and I'm full of energy, so overall so pleased I decided to do encapsulation and huge thanks to you for the brilliant service you gave us.
:- Louise (third time mum) Chipping Norton

I honestly believe this was one of the best choices I could have made to support myself postpartum, Everyone thinks so much about pregnancy and labour/delivery but not about how you can make a difference for your postpartum experience. I love the history of how the placenta has been used and that the capsules are a non-squeamish way of consuming it. I will absolutely be doing this for our next baby-I wouldn't skip it for anything.
:- Kate Oxford

A fantastic service, I highly recommend it. I enjoyed all the benefits from the placenta without having to eat it ! The perfect finish to our natural birth plan.
:- Lisa Northampton

Excellent service it was great to have the chance to meet Julie beforehand and the process was easy and straightforward. I would definitely recommended the capsules to other new mums. For me the greatest benefit was the increased milk supply, which helped to make breastfeeding easy and stress-free.
:- Silvia (second time mum) Birmingham

I contacted Julie close to my due date after looking up the evidence regarding the prevention of postnatal depression and the fact that placenta capsules could help with milk production. Prior to becoming pregnant, I had suffered for over a decade with depression and I was keen to try natural ways of preventing PND. I also had a breast reduction 8 years ago and again, was happy to try a different approach to helping my milk production. I am now 7 weeks postpartum and am happy to say that the "baby blues" haven't played a part in my recovery at all, and so far, PND hasn't been an issue either. I have also been able to breast feed without an issue, something which I contribute to the placenta capsules as well. My postpartum bleeding was light enough after 2 weeks for me to switch to standard panty liners, which came as a surprise to me- something else I attribute to the capsules. Julie's service was top notch. Shortly after contacting her, she sent me all the relevant information for myself and for my midwife. She was always on the other end of the phone for any questions and checked in with me several times postpartum to make sure I was doing OK. The pickup of the placenta and drop-off of the capsules was timely and service was always with a smile. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend placenta encapsulation to all of my friends, and if they are in Julie's area, would highly recommend using Julie's service!
:- Cathy Oxford

I had a great experience and service with Julie at Simplybirth. The placenta capsules have been very beneficial to me as I seemed to have more energy and patience, I was less tired, there was no mastitis and an easier let down this time around. All my family and friends commented on how well and happy I looked in the early weeks - other new mums especially, hopefully they will try the capsules next time. looking forward to trying out the capsules during menopause.
:- Claire (second time mum) Northampton

" Thanks very much for your time and skill, I didn't expect to have this much energy after the birth. your presentation of the completed capsules/materials is very nice indeed, my son is mesmerized by the purple jar" "Julie was patient, responsive, timely and professional, I couldn't have asked for a more supportive and positive experience A++ I so appreciated her willingness to be available for questions after encapsulation as well Thanks, Julie."
:- Christina Oxford!

"I would have no hesitation in recommending Placenta Encapsulation, whilst I had reservations about whether I could 'stomach' it. It was no different to taking any other tablet, it felt like I was taking a perfectly tailored to fit vitamin pill and the benefits of feeling so energetic far outweighed any negative thoughts of what I was 'eating'.
:- Karen Milton Keynes!

"It gave us as a family a very good start ! We actually had enough energy to look after 2 children straight after a c-section and enjoy being parents again. My husband said I had colour on my cheeks as soon as I took one capsule. I recovered very fast and my milk flow was fantastic.
:- Ariel (second time mum) Milton Keynes>

"I bounced back much quicker, had more energy, the capsules helped boost my milk supply I am feeding a greedy toddler and newborn(big) but still have excess. Thank you Julie for all your support your advice was greatly valued"
:- Amiee (second time mum) Milton Keynes